Top 10 Hacks for Organizing Kitchen Utensils

Organizing Kitchen Utensils can be one of the most challenging household tasks. There are so many pots, pans, spatulas, measuring cups, and whisks to organize and so many ways to do it! Keep reading to learn about the 10 best hacks for organizing kitchen utensils you may not have considered before.


Store Utensils in a Drawer


If you’re looking to maximize counter space, consider storing your cooking utensils in a drawer. This can cut down on clutter and keep everything within easy reach when you need it. Add some dividers to keep your tools separated, and use small containers to separate different types of items. For example, place forks, knives, and spoons into containers or bags labeled with their name. Place measuring cups into similarly marked bins. Using transparent containers will also allow you to see what’s inside without opening each one individually.


Store Spatulas and Other Long Cooking Tools at Head Height


Spatulas, knives, and other long-cooking tools are hard to reach in standard kitchen drawers. There’s a trick professional chefs use: store them at head height by building a series of hooks with S-hooks from thin dowel rods. You can do one better, though. Simply screw three or four hooks into studs along with an upper kitchen cabinet and hang your spatulas and other cooking tools for easy access during dinner prep. They’ll be out of sight when you’re not using them but ready to go when you need them!


Mount Small Items Onto Magnetic Hooks


When you’re working with small objects in your kitchen, such as wooden spoons and spatulas, magnetic hooks can make a huge difference. If you’re using a regular hook to hold these items, they’ll likely rattle around or fall to the floor because of their lightweight nature. Mounting them onto a magnetic hook will keep them safe and secure and allow you to use that space for larger items. You can also use magnetic racks to organize other small household items, like measuring cups and cooking utensils.


Use Tiered Trays to Store Strainers, Pastry Bags, Parchment Paper, etc.

When using tiered trays to organize your kitchen, they’re great for storing items in cupboards, such as cooking utensils. Use them to keep strainer bags and pastries bags organized in a drawer or cupboard. You can also use them to hold parchment paper or aluminum foil if you want to take advantage of vertical space. If you want another option that keeps things completely separate and takes up less space, find a couple of round containers instead. When using tiered trays to organize your kitchen, they’re great for storing items in cupboards, such as cooking utensils. Use them to keep strainer bags and pastries bags organized in a drawer or cupboard.


Keep Knives Safely with Magnetic Strips

If you have a magnetic strip on your wall, it’s possible to keep all of your knives right there—safely out of reach of children. Attach a strip to an inconspicuous part of your kitchen and you can throw away all those knife blocks and drawers. You can use it as storage space too—for measuring spoons, whisks, or any other utensil that’s tricky to store. As an added bonus, everything will be easy to find when you need it next time. No more rifling through drawers or forgetting about that one spatula! Get creative with it!


Use Pegboard to Hang Heavy Kitchen Items, Like Roasting Pans and Dutch Ovens


The first thing to do when you’re organizing kitchen utensils is get a pegboard and hang it on a wall in your kitchen. Then, go through all of your pans and pots and anything else that is either too heavy or hard to hang by itself and see if it will fit on your board. You can usually fit quite a few tools, so feel free to get creative with what you use. For example, I like to put my peeler on one end of my board and place my cast iron Dutch oven next to it.


Store Seasonings in Mason Jars


Mason jars are easy to find, inexpensive, and look stylish. They can be stacked on top of each other and make it easy to see what’s inside, especially since they’re made from clear glass. Just put a lid with a rubber seal on them or buy special covers from a restaurant supply store. Keep all your spices and herbs in these jars so you can easily grab what you need without having to rummage through cabinets when you’re trying to cook a meal in a hurry. Seasonings won’t get lost behind pots and pans either; just tuck them behind appliances where they’re not likely to get knocked over by accident.


Build an Inexpensive Spice Rack From PVC Pipe and Plates



A great way to organize kitchen utensils is by building an inexpensive spice rack from PVC pipe and plates. This is a quick and easy way to keep things off of your countertops, while still displaying them in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The DIY build isn’t too hard either. You can have it built in under 20 minutes. All you need are some PVC pipes, two plates, a saw or a drill, measuring tape and some sandpaper. You’ll also want to grab some small zip ties so that you can put everything together once it’s done! It doesn’t matter what size your plates are. If they’re about 10×8, then they’ll work perfectly for organizing utensils like spatulas and whisks.


Over The Sink Cutting Board


Install a cutting board over your sink to keep hand and knife safe while chopping vegetables. This is also great if you’re giving a cooking lesson and don’t want to worry about someone bumping into your knife or spilling water on your countertop. The area around a kitchen sink can get chaotic during meal prep, so add some extra organization by installing a cutting board above your cabinets! You can easily find one at any local home store in an array of colors and materials.


Roll Out Pantry


Pantry organization can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Use clear containers with visible labels, or a divider system, to make sure everything is easy to spot and access. By keeping your pantry organized and well-stocked, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of a key ingredient while cooking dinner or being unprepared in an emergency situation.


Pros and Cons of Organizing Kitchen Utensils

While there are many advantages to organizing kitchen utensils, there is one big disadvantage: It will take up your time. If you’re looking to get more organized and clean, it might be a good idea to implement certain organizational systems in order to save time—or if you have extra time on your hands. But maybe you don’t have time; maybe you work all day, come home, and want a quick dinner instead of spending hours cleaning.



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