The Latest Kitchen Design Trends You Should Know About

Your kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home because it can be used not only to prepare and cook meals, but also to relax with friends and family members or have private conversations. m Keeping that in mind, it’s no wonder that the kitchen design trends of the last few years have focused on making this space even more comfortable, practical, and beautiful than ever before. Here are 10 of the latest kitchen design trends you should know about if you’re planning on renovating your kitchen anytime soon.

Kitchen Design

Trend 1. Light colors

Natural light can make your kitchen feel airy and spacious. Light-colored cabinets also help make a small kitchen look larger and keep it from feeling dark or cramped. If you’re trying to figure out how to lighten up dark cabinets, paint is always an option, though be prepared for extra work down the road if you ever change your mind about color. Alternatively, consider switching out hardware or door panels. Both are fairly inexpensive and will provide a big impact with minimal effort involved.

Kitchen Design

Trend 2. White Cabinets

Sometimes, a simple way to freshen up your kitchen is to replace an old look with a new one. White cabinets can provide an updated look for your home without spending thousands of dollars. White cabinets also make great canvases for customizing with paint or decals, making it easy to create an eclectic style that matches your tastes. If you’re thinking about going white, don’t forget to consider how they’ll hold up over time and how they’ll be affected by stains and steam from cooking.

Kitchen Design

Trend 3. Marble

Perhaps not as hot as it was a few years ago, marble is still an attractive option when it comes to countertops, backsplashes and sinks. Marble was once an exclusive material that only high-end builders could afford, but these days you can find quality marble in everything from prefabricated countertops to at-home kits. It’s also great for counters or backsplashes because it’s relatively hard and easy to maintain. Granite can scratch easily, so marble is a good alternative if you want a smooth surface with style. As long as you take care of your marble—remember that water should never come into contact with marble—you’ll be able to enjoy your kitchen for years to come!

Kitchen Design

Trend 4. Mismatched Countertops

Unlike in years past, homeowners are taking a less-is-more approach to countertops. Because of that, it’s common for them to choose two different materials – like laminate and marble, or granite and stainless steel – for their kitchen counters. A great way to make sure both materials work well together is by adding accents of color or pattern. For example, you could use an accent tile as your backsplash or install wood paneling around your sink.

Trend 5. Island Sinks

Speaking of islands, if your kitchen includes an island (and really, who doesn’t these days?), you’ll want to include an island sink. These sinks tend to make a bold design statement and are sometimes practically works of art in their own right. Plus, they bring additional value to your kitchen. Just consider all that water that comes out of those faucets! If you have more than one, it makes sense to get a garbage disposal as well, since it’s small enough to fit in any hole no matter what size is there already. Consider having a single sink on one side of an island and multiple sinks on the other side; that way everyone can grab what they need without getting in each other’s way.


Trend 6. Colorpop

Bright, vibrant color combinations are trending. These type of kitchen designs are fun and fresh. And best of all, they look good on anyone’s budget because with a little bit of research you can find kitchen cabinets in any style for less than $2,000. Check out IKEA kitchens for examples; they have a lot to offer and most designs are bright and colorful as well as simple and basic. If you don’t want to spend too much money on your new kitchen design but still want something creative then these types of styles might be perfect for you! Trend 7. Mid-Century Modern: Designs inspired by mid-century modern art themes were a huge hit last year, but now they’re becoming even more popular.

Trend 7. Modern Kitchens with Wood Finishes

Kitchens with wood finishes have been trendy for awhile, but lately they’ve gained even more popularity. Part of that can be attributed to kitchens with island seating; due to their higher traffic and use, people are always looking for ways to update their kitchen islands. New designs incorporate various kinds of woods in different ways, giving you a wealth of choices when deciding what works best for your space. A well-laid floor plan can make a huge difference in your kitchen—and it doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive! Start off by thinking about how you use your kitchen: What areas do you spend most of your time? Where is there extra room that could be put to good use?

Trend 8. Kitchen Islands: Double Layout

Multi-level kitchen islands have been a big trend for some time now, and it’s not too late to hop on board. If you are looking for space in your kitchen or living room, an island is a great way to fit in storage, countertops and seating areas. Even if you don’t plan on having an island at first, these layouts make it easy to add one later on without disrupting existing cabinets. The design also makes it easy to put these things at different heights; a step-up is ideal for high chairs so that kids can eat at their level.

Trend 9. Large Pendant Lights

The dining room is typically located in a central area of any home. Dining rooms are used often for meals and entertaining guests, so it makes sense that homeowners want to make their space feel as open and inviting as possible. Using large pendant lights in your dining room will help create an airy feeling, perfect for large gatherings or even just enjoying a meal with friends. These large pendant lights can be found almost anywhere now, including big box stores and upscale lighting shops.

Trend 10. Handless Design

Handless doesn’t mean that you don’t have any hands, it means that your kitchen is convenient to use without your hands. For example, appliances and cabinets are installed at a height so they’re easy to reach with a single foot. This is great for people with physical disabilities but also makes cooking easier for anyone who gets tired of standing around all day. According to my research 99% of people want their kitchen to be ‘handless’ design for convenience sake. If you really want to sell in these tough times, make it handless. It’s a no-brainer. That’s what I call trend number 10!

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