The Cleaver Knife – What you need to know before buying

A cleaver knife, also known as a meat cleaver, has many uses around the kitchen. It’s especially useful in preparing meats, and its thick blade can handle bones with ease. While its size and weight can take some getting used to, once you are accustomed to using this tool it can be quite handy in your knife collection. Here’s what you need to know before buying a cleaver knife of your own.


The Cleaver Knife in The Kitchen

If you’re wondering what kind of knife you should use, or why anyone would have a cleaver, then read on. A cleaver is a kitchen knife with a flat blade that has no point. Its name comes from its primary function: cutting meat. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for other things as well! There are different types of cleavers and their appearance may vary from country to country (or even regionally), but all have been used traditionally for food preparation, especially meat processing and butchering. Some cultures may refer to them by different names; for example, in Chinese cuisine, they are called Dao Zhan or Chuan Dao.


Great Reasons Why You Should Own A Cleaver

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The cleaver knife is very good at cutting beef, pork, and other meats. You can also use it in cutting large chunks of meat into smaller pieces, or anything else that needs a sturdy cut. A cleaver can be used for chopping tough vegetables like potatoes, pumpkin, and cabbage. It is also good in splitting bones because it has a thick and heavy blade that makes it easier to chop through bones. It can be used as a surgical instrument by doctors during an operation on patients who are having plastic surgery. As your alternative in preparing raw meat without getting your hands dirty from blood or other fluids from raw meat. A cleaver will help keep you away from diseases if you touch dirty objects with your bare hands especially when cooking for family members or guests who are sick.


The Wood Grip

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When choosing a cleaver knife, it’s important to select one with a comfortable grip. The best knives on the market are manufactured with high-quality materials such as steel and rubber, which allow for safe but firm gripping when cutting meat or poultry. A good grip is crucial, as a smooth blade will make your cuts more precise and reduce fatigue over time. Look for handles that are slightly larger than average and made from high-quality wood. This will provide optimal support while minimizing injuries while cutting up any type of meat or poultry in your kitchen.


The Stainless Steel

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The type of steel used in your cleaver is important. For example, some high-carbon stainless steel knives will hold an edge longer than carbon blades but can rust easier if not cared for properly. The hardness and strength of your blade are also something to consider because a tough blade could be more difficult to sharpen than a softer one. A good starting point when looking for a cleaver knife is a high-carbon stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness rating (the scale ranges from 1-100) between 56 and 62, which translates into something that holds an edge well but can still be easily sharpened at home or in a professional kitchen setting.


Chopping, Slicing, or Dicing

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When it comes to fine chopping, slicing, or dicing vegetables and herbs, a sharp chef’s knife is an essential kitchen tool. Because a sharp blade will preserve more of your ingredients’ flavor and texture in every cut, it’s also great for making stir-fries or any dish where you want your food cut into small pieces or strips. But many cooks swear by using a cleaver knife instead—and if that sounds like overkill, just think about what a cleaver does in its job description. Cleave means to separate with great force; divide forcefully into two parts.

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