Ten Small Kitchen Ideas to Save You Time and Money

Small kitchens can be challenging to navigate, both in terms of space and functionality. It’s easy to lose counter space and end up with cabinets that don’t store everything you need to prepare meals on a daily basis. To help you out, we put together this list of 10 small kitchen ideas that will help you save time and money while keeping your home comfortable and functional. We hope these ideas inspire you to get creative with your kitchen design!

1) Easy Under-the-Sink Storage Idea

A little organizational work under your sink can save you a ton of time. Pull out all your cleaning supplies, pots and pans, food storage containers, etc., then take inventory. What do you use most? Put those items where they’re easy to get at—at eye level for example. Group similar items together in bins or trays that have handles so you can easily pull them out when needed. To save even more space, remove any extra shelves from inside your cabinets that aren’t being used; stack them along a wall somewhere or store them under your sink if there’s room. With some tweaking you could shave several inches off your kitchen footprint.

 Small Kitchen Ideas

2) Easy Baskets for Storage idea

Storage space is always at a premium in a small kitchen, but adding baskets is one of those small changes that can make a big difference. Not only do they add extra storage space for cooking tools, seasonings, and more, but it also looks pretty cool (we’re thinking about trying a similar design in our apartment). And if you don’t want to go through all of that work or aren’t feeling particularly crafty? Simply place some unused or unloved pots or pans on your countertop—it works wonders! Not only will it provide you with additional storage space without taking up any room, but it’ll also serve as an immediate visual reminder that your counters are off limits when it comes to putting food down.

3) Use a magnet board to store pots and pans Off the Counter

Counter space is at a premium in most small kitchens, so it’s important to maximize what you have. Keeping your pots and pans out of sight can be as simple as using magnetic cookware holders or hanging them on hooks above your stove or sink. Either way, you gain an area that you can use for other purposes (like chopping veggies or washing dishes). It also helps if you are able to tuck away your dishwasher underneath your countertop—as long as it doesn’t stick out too far. These tips take advantage of vertical storage, which is easy to do if you’re renting but might not be feasible if you’re a homeowner who has installed a new kitchen with loads of storage space.

4) Put Up a Ladder Rack

If you have a spare corner in your kitchen, why not put up a ladder rack? It’s great for storing all sorts of items, including pots, pans, baking sheets, cutting boards and more. Not only does it help keep everything within easy reach without taking up valuable cabinet space or adding clutter to your countertops, but it also looks pretty cool. This is one of those small kitchen DIY ideas that works for renters as well as homeowners—and it will only cost you about $30 in materials. Plus with these instructions from Family Handyman , even a beginner can build their own ladder rack in just a few hours. Here’s how

 Small Kitchen Ideas

5) Add Cabinet Dividers

Cabinets can be a real pain point in a small kitchen. If you don’t have room for an extra sink or oven, think about using dividers to get more storage space from your cabinets. This can give you lots of extra space for pots, pans, canned goods, or anything else you might want in your kitchen without taking up too much valuable real estate. If dividers aren’t something that will work for your home (say, if your cupboards are already attached), another idea is to get rid of some of them! Many people over-do it on cabinet storage and end up making their spaces smaller because they have so many.


6) Install Hidden Shelves

One of our favorite ways to add storage space in a small kitchen is with hidden shelves. These nifty cubbies can be fitted above, below, or even inside cabinets for concealed storage that doesn’t compromise on style. Don’t worry if you think your own cabinets won’t support a shelf—hidden shelves are easy enough to create yourself with only an extra-long drill bit and some standard boards. To install them, simply place all of your plates and pots on top of your open cabinet while you mark where they need to go—this way you’ll know exactly how much space you have before drilling holes into your cabinets. Then just drill through and place everything back on top!

 Small Kitchen Ideas

7) Vertical storing in Cabinets idea

The food in your cabinets tends to go bad very quickly. The first place you’ll notice it is when you open a cabinet door and are greeted by a swarm of fruit flies. Fruits should be stored in tight plastic bags, but an even better option is t o use tall, vertical containers (think mason jars). This will save space on your countertops while making sure there is no wasted space inside your cabinets. On average, each person throws away 30% of their food; free up some space by keeping what you have fresher longer!

8) Add Pegboard Storage To Your Wall

Pegboard is a great addition to any kitchen, as it keeps tools and ingredients within easy reach. It’s also customizable—get creative with what you put in your pegboard storage and you can use it for small kitchen DIY ideas like storing spices, utensils, or even hot plates. Pegboard hooks are extremely affordable—you can get enough for an entire kitchen with just one package! Need tips on how to hang pegboard? Check out our handy guide for instructions.


9) Hang Baking Sheets Underneath Counters

Forget cabinets! If you don’t have a ton of storage space in your kitchen, hang baking sheets underneath your counters. They’re a perfect place for pots and pans or even small appliances like toasters. Plus, they help you save counter space by keeping appliances on their sides instead of propped up on their backs. Just make sure that whatever you hang is secure enough—if it breaks while it’s dangling, you could be in some pretty hot water!

10) Get Rid of Appliances That Don’t Get Used Often

If you find that you’re not using a certain appliance very often, such as your bread machine or ice cream maker, consider getting rid of it. Small appliances don’t take up much space in your kitchen, but they tend to accumulate over time. If you don’t need an appliance because its purpose is redundant with another appliance (like a blender for a food processor), then don’t feel bad about letting it go. You can always look for something else if you really miss having it around.

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