How to use a Professional Zinc Alloy Power Wine Opener

A Zinc Alloy Power Wine Opener is specifically designed to open up your wine bottles by simply pressing down on it, leaving your hands free and making the process very fast and easy to do. If you’re thinking about picking up one of these power wine openers, it’s important to know how to use one properly in order to avoid wasting the bottle of wine or breaking the cork, which can both be very expensive mistakes. Fortunately, there are just two simple steps that will make using a Zinc Alloy Power Wine Opener quick and painless. Let’s get started!

 Wine Opener

What is a Professional Zinc Alloy Power Wine Opener

This is an essential tool for wine enthusiasts and professional restaurant staff. It makes quick work of opening wine bottles, saving you time and energy. It will easily remove both natural and synthetic corks without breaking them, leaving no trace of breakage behind. And, it features a bottle opener on one end so you don’t need to worry about digging around for another device when you just want a sip of wine. Use it at home or in your bar or restaurant—no matter where, it will help enhance your wine experience! Note: In order to prevent damage to your opener during shipping, we ship our openers in packages that have been compressed with air during shipping.

 Wine Opener

Advantages of Professional Zinc Alloy Power Wine Opener

Open your wine bottles quickly and easily. If you enjoy having wine with your meals or sharing a bottle with friends, but hate struggling with old fashioned corkscrews, consider a power wine opener instead. Instead of turning or screwing off corks, these gadgets gently remove them with pressure from an internal pump. This can be much easier than pulling at them or using wire-based openers. These come in many designs and price points, so there’s sure to be one that suits your needs.

 Wine Opener

Why Should You Buy Professional Zinc Alloy Power Wine Opener

Most of wine openers in market are made by low quality material, which may have low usage life. Maybe you’ll buy it, but you can’t enjoy it for long time. The professional zinc alloy wine opener uses advanced technology and touch control system make your life easy when you open up any corked wine bottle. If you are looking for a high-quality product with durability and exquisite design, our product is your best choice!


It Makes A Perfect Gift

A gift is usually an item that makes someone feel better. A good wine opener makes a perfect gift and so it should be easy to use. A professional zinc alloy power wine opener has everything needed for anyone. With one of these on hand, you’ll always have an answer when someone asks you what they can get you as a present or which one is your favorite? You’ll know what I mean once you try out one of these openers, and it will definitely end up being one of your favorites! Go ahead and give it a shot! Once you do, I know that there will be no going back for any other type of opener.


How To Use It?

Before you begin, make sure your wine opener is in an upright position and that it’s clean. Then, simply place your thumb on top of button #1 (the largest button) and ensure that it’s positioned at approximately an 85 degree angle from your body. Once you’ve located this position, press down on button #1 while simultaneously pulling up on levers #2 and #3 with your index fingers. Be sure not to push down too hard or pull up too quickly or you may hurt yourself! The moment you hear a soft pop sound or feel resistance against levers 2 and 3 means you’re ready for action. Just apply additional pressure by pushing down while simultaneously pulling up on levers 2 and 3 until they click.

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