How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

If you’re thinking about kitchen remodel cost, you probably have a picture in your mind of what it will look like when it’s done. The materials and colors of the cabinets, the appliances on the countertops and the color scheme—you might have an idea of what you want but not an idea of how much it will cost to get there. This guide will help you understand all of the factors that affect kitchen remodel costs so that you can plan for them ahead of time and make sure your project fits into your budget.


There are many variables that can change your project’s price tag, so start by determining what you want to do with your kitchen and who you’d like to hire. From there, take a close look at these variables to get an idea of how much things will cost (and how they might affect your budget).

Kitchen Sink costs

A typical kitchen sink can cost around $100 and up. The price depends on what kind of material you are choosing for your sink, but also on how big it is. The larger kitchen sinks tend to be more expensive, so think about where you want to put your sink and how much space you want. Also keep in mind that if you install a drain yourself, it will be much cheaper than if you hire someone to do it for you.


kitchen remodel

Before you embark on a kitchen remodel, figure out how much it will cost to replace your existing appliances, like your refrigerator or dishwasher. The average refrigerator costs around $500 and typically runs between 30-40 cubic feet. The average stove or oven ranges from $800-$3,000, depending on its size and brand. Plumbing: If you’re building new cabinets, check with plumbers to see if they have extra pipes leftover that can be repurposed for future use.

Specialty Items

There are some specialty items that might be needed during your kitchen remodel. If you’re adding additional counter space, for example, you might need to add in new appliances like an extra fridge or freezer. You could also need to upgrade electrical outlets and add additional counter space for a stand mixer or food processor if you’re planning on making bigger batches of meals and snacks at home.


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For many homes remodels, countertops are where it’s at. Whether you’re swapping out existing counters or installing new ones, they can be one of the most expensive items to consider when doing a kitchen remodel. Not only do they take up some wall space, but they can cost hundreds—or even thousands of dollars. That’s why it pays to ask yourself some key questions before you set out on your search for kitchen countertops.


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If you plan to replace your cabinets, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300–$600 per linear foot. With an average kitchen measuring at about ten feet long by eight feet wide, that means you could spend as much as $3,000 just on cabinets. On top of that, they will likely charge you additional labor fees.


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It’s surprising how much lighting can affect your mood and your kitchen remodel costs. Lighting can make a room feel spacious, cramped, and dark. You don’t want to skimp on lighting, but you also don’t want to overspend by installing track lighting or recessed lights when they aren’t necessary. Choose light bulbs that match your light fixtures to save money in the long run.

Labor for remodeling your kitchen

kitchen remodel

Labor and materials can vary significantly depending on where you live, but homeowners usually spend between $20 and $30 per square foot for remodeling projects in their kitchen. This figure is slightly higher in large urban centers like New York City or Chicago; it’s much lower in more rural areas of the country. For example, most homeowners spend about $15-$25 per square foot for new countertops, cabinets, appliances, and tile work.


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