Easy Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Counter

For many people, the kitchen counter represents one of the most cluttered and disorganized spaces in their homes. If you’re not careful, your counters can become home to piles of dishes, appliances that don’t work anymore and bags of old clothing you never got around to donating or throwing away. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to organize your kitchen counter so that it looks neat and feels less cluttered. Check out these ways below!

Clean the Counters

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Make cleaning your kitchen counter a daily habit. You can do it in just two minutes. Once you’ve cleaned your counters, store all of your dishes and utensils on them instead of leaving everything in cabinets or drawers. It’s best to keep most things within your arm’s reach while you cook and prepare meals. That way, you won’t have to search for bowls, spoons, or measuring cups as often while cooking. And if they are all sitting out on a clean countertop with easy access, you might be more likely to put away after use.

Declutter the Counters

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Before you can start organizing your kitchen counter, it’s important to tackle all that clutter. When you’re decluttering, don’t be too hard on yourself; just get rid of anything you haven’t used in months (or years). Donate old food, toss out unused pans and dishes, recycle outdated magazines or books, and throw away expired medication. If something is still usable but isn’t your favorite anymore, take it to a local thrift store. Anything else can be put in bins for donation—most charities will pick up excess household items for free.

Make Use of Storage Containers

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The easiest way to keep your counter organized is with a few good storage containers. Toss them in your cabinets, on top of them, or wherever you have room for and you’ll have a place for all those little odds and ends that can easily clutter up your space. Not only will you save space by keeping less stuff out on your counter, but it’ll also be easier to find what you need when everything has its place. You can even use clear storage containers so they look pretty while they help organize!

Find a Place for Every Item

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Every kitchen counter has its purpose, but knowing where each item belongs is often a challenge. To solve that issue, make sure every item has a designated place—then it’s easier to know where to find what you need (which leads to less wasted time looking for items) and easier cleanup. Label cabinets in your home and drawers in your kitchen with handwritten or purchased labels so every family member knows exactly where their favorite items belong. A simple label system will also help you remember how much of an ingredient you have left.

Utilize Racks and Hooks

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Racks and hooks are fantastic kitchen organization tools. They allow you to hang items directly from wall cabinets, saving space on your countertops and making it easy for items to air-dry. Place a drying rack in your sink or near your dishwasher for fast and effective results. If you don’t have room for a separate drying rack, consider hanging your sponges from hooks instead of placing them on a flat surface—this is especially useful if you use dish cloths, which can collect bacteria if they are left out too long.

Group Similar Items Together

If you’re going to organize your kitchen counter, you’ll want to look at how you can group similar items together. For example, it may make sense for knives and spoons to be grouped together in one spot, while condiments might be grouped on a different part of your countertop. By grouping like items together, you create an organizational system that makes sense.

Throw Out Everything You Never Use

If you don’t have a specific place for every item in your kitchen, chances are your countertops are piled high with stuff you rarely use. Take everything off of your counters and ask yourself whether or not you actually need each item. Be ruthless, if it’s not essential, it can go!



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