Bamboo Steamer: The Best Way To Steam Food

Bamboo steamers are an age-old cooking tool that has been used in Asian kitchens for many generations. They are made of bamboo, which means they’re 100% natural and non-toxic, and they’re an environmentally friendly way to steam food. If you don’t have one of these handy utensils in your kitchen, it’s time to get one! Here are three reasons why you should use a bamboo steamer instead of the typical metal steamers when you’re making your next meal at home.

What Are Bamboo Steamers

Bamboo Steamer
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Bamboo steamers are a type of cookware that helps you prepare healthier, delicious meals by steaming your food instead of boiling or frying it. They’re made from thin sheets of bamboo and stacked on top of each other in different configurations; then water is added in between layers. When it boils, steam passes through and cooks your food from all sides. Bamboo steamers are an alternative method for preparing Chinese-style rice, seafood, and vegetables.

Health Begins With Steaming

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Traditional steaming and boiling are some of the best ways to cook your vegetables. These methods use only a small amount of water, so you aren’t adding excess salt and oil from seasoning. They also retain more nutrients since they don’t require heating food at high temperatures for long periods of time. Plus, you’ll steam veggies to perfection in just about 10 minutes, making it much faster than cooking on an open stovetop or an oven. Just be sure not to add any oil or salt—the natural flavor of your veggies should shine through!

Steam Different Foods At The Same Time

Bamboo Steamer
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Bamboo steamers make it easy to steam different foods at once. This is great for healthy meals or for multiple people. With most steamers, you need two trays that fit together side by side, with one inside another. Most bamboo steamers allow you to use just one tray and stack food on top of each other, which takes up less space in your kitchen. This can be a big plus if you live in a small home or apartment and don’t have room for a full steamer set-up. Bamboo is also excellent because it’s lightweight and easy to store when not in use.

Hand Woven Bamboo Cover

Bamboo Steamer
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Bamboo steamer baskets and their covers are usually made of bamboo, which has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Additionally, bamboo is a sustainable grass that doesn’t require large amounts of water or pesticides to grow. That means it’s friendlier for you and friendly for Mother Nature. A typical wooden steamer might be constructed with metal nails that might leach into your food as they warm up during cooking—not good! Woven bamboo baskets don’t have such issues and will steam your food safely and with minimal impact on flavor or texture.

Strong Bearing Capacity

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Bamboo is a naturally straight and durable material. Because of its uniform cell structure, it does not shrink or swell with changes in humidity or temperature. It is flexible but strong enough to hold heavy pots, and won’t bend under pressure. For these reasons, bamboo steamers are widely used for steaming food in Chinese restaurants across America. As a natural product, there is no chemical treatment and no unhealthy impurities that seep into your food like with other materials such as plastic. What you put into your body directly reflects on you; use all-natural bamboo when preparing your food so that it provides nourishment, not toxins!


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