10 Tips For Designing The Perfect Eat-In Kitchen

Who doesn’t want an eat-in kitchen? It seems like the perfect way to combine cooking with dining, and it’s much more convenient than having to transfer from the kitchen to the dining room every time you need something from the refrigerator or want to enjoy your meal in a different setting. If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, here are 10 tips for designing the perfect eat-in kitchen…

1) Window Seating in the Kitchen

Eat-In Kitchen

One of my favorite ways to use an eat-in kitchen space is by creating a small table in front of a window, which adds character and allows you to take advantage of natural light. It also gives you an area that feels more like an outdoor patio than part of your kitchen. This works particularly well if you have a yard or garden area that allows you to open up windows on a nice day. If your sink happens to be next to a window, then all the better!

2) Add Seating to Your Island

Eat-In Kitchen

If you don’t have enough space to add seating in your kitchen, an island is a great place to start. You can use an island as an eating surface, but it’s still typically used for food prep, storage, and cooking. If you are using it as a dining area, consider adding a bench or extra seating around it that can be easily pulled out when needed. These tips should help you to design a perfect eat-in kitchen!

3) An Exposed Brick Wall

Eat-In Kitchen

Walls are often one of the most underappreciated parts of a kitchen. An exposed brick wall, however, can completely transform a room, and it’s not even difficult to install. Find affordable bricks at your local hardware store or building supply, and have them cut down to size with a power saw or by a professional mason. Use mortar to secure each brick in place.

4) Create an Eat-in Nook

Eat-In Kitchen

An eat-in nook is perfect for most homeowners. It’s a place where friends and family can gather together to enjoy a home-cooked meal, without sacrificing space in your kitchen or formal dining room. A wall that folds out provides extra counter space and storage when needed while collapsing into a decorative wall when not in use. For those who have a smaller home, an eat-in nook can be an excellent option when designing your kitchen.

5) A Seating Area (or Two!)

Eat-In Kitchen

Having a seating area at home where you can sit down and enjoy your meal is a must. In some homes, however, it might not make sense to have chairs right next to your table. This shouldn’t stop you from creating one central place where everyone can gather around and chat over a delicious meal.

6) Pendant Lighting Over The Eat-In Island

Eat-In Kitchen

Most of us spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so it’s important to create a space that you not only love but that also works with your lifestyle. Using pendant lighting overhead and underneath an eat-in island can help brighten up a small kitchen and still give you plenty of counter space to prepare meals.

7) Decorate it with Centerpiece

Eat-In Kitchen

The centerpiece is a critical aspect of your kitchen’s décor, as it helps tie all of your other design elements together. The centerpiece could be anything from a table centerpiece to a sculpture or picture, but it should speak to you and bring out your personality. When choosing what sort of centerpiece to get, remember that you can always change it later, so don’t feel like you have to choose something permanent right away.

8) Counter Space Seating

Eat-In Kitchen

Counter space seating can be a great addition to your eat-in kitchen. By adding a bar-style seating arrangement to your counter, you give your guests a comfortable place to sit while they enjoy their meal. This is a great idea if you have limited space, as it doesn’t take up much room. Instead of putting in traditional chairs or stools, try folding chairs with padded seats; they won’t take up as much room and they still look nice.

9) Use a Sofa

Whether you’re designing your first eat-in kitchen or revamping your existing one, it can be helpful to consider how you’ll use it. Will friends and family visit regularly? Will you entertain there? If so, a sofa may be essential—not only as extra seating but also as a place to put up your feet and relax.

10) Your Kitchen Shouldn’t Feel Like a Restaurant

Eat-in kitchens are so popular because they give you a chance to cook and enjoy your food without having to travel between the kitchen and dining room. To make an eat-in kitchen work, your meals need to be just as special as any restaurant experience, and that means choosing quality over quantity.


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