10 Stunning Kitchen Cabinets Paint Ideas

Painting your kitchen cabinets may seem like an overwhelming project, but it’s actually quite easy if you follow the right steps. Most importantly, when painting kitchen cabinets, choose paint colors that will really make them pop and stand out against your countertops and flooring. Here are 10 stunning kitchen cabinet paint ideas to help get you started!

1) Light colors

kitchen cabinet

A light, airy color on your kitchen cabinets can help make your cooking space feel more open and homey. Incorporating lighter shades like a light blue or soft yellow is a great way to make your kitchen look brighter and larger than it really is. These colors also give you more room to play with when it comes to accenting with other design elements such as wall decor, lighting fixtures, or anything else in your decor. Stick with lighter hues as opposed to stark white if you want a truly fresh take on traditional white kitchens.

2) White cabinets

White is a bold color to paint your kitchen cabinets. But it’s not just for kitchens anymore! White hues are popping up in bathrooms, bedrooms, and offices too! Because it’s such a bright hue, white is ideal if you want to make your kitchen stand out. Be sure to pick a white that’s appropriate for both small and large spaces. Some whites may look great on an accent wall but can be overwhelming when covering cabinets.

3) Pastel colors

kitchen cabinet

Bright and clean colors aren’t for everyone—sometimes people want something more muted and soft. If you’re looking to liven up your kitchen cabinets without going over the top, pastel colors can be just what you need. Pastels work especially well with wood cabinetry; they provide a nice backdrop for everything else in your space while adding a little bit of light and color.

4) Painting wooden doors with metallic paints

kitchen cabinetv

Painting wooden doors with metallic paints can be a fun and inexpensive way to brighten up a kitchen. The reflective quality of metallic paint will bounce light around your space, creating a more open and airy atmosphere. It’s also easy to apply: Just choose a metallic finish that matches your existing hardware, allow it to dry completely (usually overnight), and then seal it with an oil-based primer or varnish.

5) Transparent colors

kitchen cabinet

While cabinets with reflective finishes can give a modern kitchen an aesthetic edge, they can also make it harder to spot dirt and grime. Paint color with low chroma and high value, such as matte white or eggshell, works especially well for cabinets that have glass doors. This way, you’ll be able to spot stains easily but won’t have to worry about reflections ruining your kitchen’s look.

6) Wood-like painted finishes

Painting your kitchen cabinets with a wood-like finish can give you that luxurious look without having to shell out for wood (which isn’t inexpensive). Just make sure you use oil-based paint so it has a satin, wooden look. Apply at least two coats.

7) Free-standing color blocks in your kitchen

While you don’t want to make your kitchen look like a box of crayons, free-standing color blocks are a great way to add visual interest to any kitchen. It doesn’t need to be an all-or-nothing approach; just one touch can inject character and personality into your kitchen. If you have more than one cabinet of different colors, keep them in a row so they complement each other visually.

8) Cabinets with colored frames

kitchen cabinet

Colored frames create a distinctive design element. Use bold colors like hot pink, or opt for softer neutrals like white or cream to let your countertops and flooring do some of the work. Keep in mind that while these bolder colors will help make your kitchen pop, they may also clash with your other décor—which is great if you love color and have a space that can handle it!

9) Mismatched colors in your kitchen

kitchen cabinet

If you’re on a budget, you can choose to paint your cabinets with contrasting colors or make them look like a completely different set. But if you don’t have enough money for new furniture and appliances, paint is one of your best options. It won’t cost much to repaint, but it can drastically change how your kitchen looks and feels. Check out these ideas for kitchen cabinet paint ideas!

10) Painted-over glass doors

kitchen cabinet

Got glass doors in your kitchen? If so, you can easily transform them into an updated look by simply painting over them. This way, you can create a custom look without having to spend money on new doors. Also, painted-over glass doors will be easy to clean, meaning you’ll have less cleaning up on your hands.


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